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Homewood, IL – ( NewMediaWire[1] ) – December 17, 2020 – With endless chocolate commercials, it cannot be easy to choose the best flavor. Unfortunately, most renowned chocolate brands don’t tell customers the negative impact of badly processed sugars on their health. SkinnyMe chocolate offers customers a delicious treat that is produced naturally with  stevia instead of processed sugars[2].

Why you should try SkinnyMe Chocolate

As mentioned earlier,  SkinnyMe[3]   chocolate[4]  is sugar-free. Proper nutrition should consist of all the five tastes: salty, sweet, bitter, and spicy. What makes SkinnyMe chocolate popular is that it is tasty and sugar-free. But how can you enjoy a delicious treat without the health ramifications? Well, SkinnyMe is an excellent option that contains Zero sugar and hence offers a healthy option.

During the manufacture of SkinnyMe chocolate, many attempts were made to ensure they produced a delicious flavor. And unlike most companies that don’t pay attention to the sugar content when making chocolate, SkinnyMe is sugar-free, and that’s why it sells off the shelves so fast.

More importantly, customers get free trial chocolate. This option is unheard of, but since the company wants to impress its customers, there are more than four flavors to choose from at any given time.

Sweetened with natural stevia

SkinnyMe Chocolate is sweetened by stevia – a natural sweetener with zero sugar content. Stevia is a common sweetener that has been used for decades. Stevia is one of the main sweeteners that is used to make SkinnyMe chocolate. It has been proven successful in aiding healthy weight management since it contains zero calories. Without sacrificing taste, stevia can reduce the cravings for fatty foods and sugary sweets.

Among the key  ingredients found in SkinnyMe chocolate[5]  are as follows:

Erythritol & Stevia – These ingredients have a zero glycemic index and don’t have a negative effect on blood sugar.

Stevia – This zero-calorie sweetener is believed to have many health benefits and has been used to sweeten dishes for decades.

Erythritol – This sugar alcohol-free calorie is found in fruits like grapes, pears, and watermelon. Unlike most sugar alcohols, this ingredient is gentle and easy on the stomach.

SkinnyMe chocolate also contains insulin, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla extract, stevia extract, natural flavors, milkfat, cocoa butter, resistant dextrin, cocoa butter, and organic soy lecithin.

SkinnyMe Pros

  • Sugar-free
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Has a free trial
  • Tasty flavor
  • Suitable for people with allergens
  • Aids in weight management


  • Only available on the official website

SkinnyMe Glowing customer recommendations

SkinnyMe has exceptional reviews from over 2500 loyal customers. Its rich, creamy flavor makes it popular among customers. Also, customers get reliable customer service throughout the year. The company values customer feedback and hence continues to produce high-quality chocolate that can stand the test of time.

Since chocolate is delicious and allows healthy relaxation after a busy day at work, you should try SkinnyMe chocolate. Just seeing and inhaling its awesome magical aroma will awaken your spirits, especially if you love chocolate. Eating chocolate is believed to release neurotransmitters that positively impact the body, thereby fighting stress and anxiety.

What’s more, SkinnyMe tastes amazing since it’s made with Belgian chocolate. Belgium was the first country to have access to cocoa plants, and we were able to make delicious chocolate for decades. SkinnyMe chocolate boasts of complexity in terms of ingredients and flavor. That makes it simply divine for chocolate lovers.

Funny enough, many people were skeptical and couldn’t believe that SkinnyMe chocolate would taste so good. But after trying this delicious sugar-free chocolate, they were delighted with its flavor, and some even made more orders. Those who were skeptical only wanted to taste its richness and flavor first. And after having a taste, they absolutely loved it.

SkinnyMe Free Trial Chocolate Available

SkinnyMe chocolate offers a free trial[6]  for customers to enjoy the delicious treat first-hand before making an order. As a condition, you only have to pay the shipping charge and receive the delicious chocolate quickly. If you don’t enjoy the taste, contact customer care on the official website to cancel the order. It’s as simple as that!

By allowing customers to taste the SugarMe chocolate before buying, the company provides a healthy alternative to most processed chocolates rich in unhealthy processed sugars.

SkinnyMe Flavor Options

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt – This dark chocolate is rich and smooth, the way most people like it. What makes it an excellent choice is how salty it is. So, for those who prefer salty and sweet chocolate, this is the best option.

Bold Dark Chocolate – This is a classic and simple option. It will certainly satisfy your craving for something delicious minus the sugar. If you don’t mind enjoying a tasty piece of chocolate daily, this is the best choice. Unlike Hershey’s dark chocolate, this option is darker but not bitter.

Dark Chocolate Strawberry – Some people prefer fruity chocolates due to their diverse flavors. That said, you can never go wrong with this chocolate option. It smells of tasty strawberry after unwrapping, and the flavor isn’t overwhelming either. It contains just the right dose of flavor!

Dark Roasted Almond – This chocolate is made from small almond chunks. The almond adds saltiness and texture to the chocolate, which makes it extra yummy. As you can see, the SkinnyMe chocolate brand has many tasty chocolate options you’ll certainly love.

Dark Chocolate Mint – Mint and dark chocolate is a perfect combination that always delivers. The square-shaped chocolate smells like Andes mint and has a similar taste. However, the taste of mint is somewhat subtle, but it’s still good.

Where to buy SkinnyMe?

If you’re interested in buying SkinnyMe chocolate, visit the official website and make an order. But first, try the trial period before you commit. If there are any delivery issues, contact the customer care team by phone Monday – Sunday (24 hours a day) at


SkinnyMe Chocolate is a tasty treat recommended for anyone looking to avoid badly processed sugars found in most chocolates.  It has zero sugar hence offers a healthier alternative to other chocolate treats.[7]

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