From Miniskirts to Frayed Jeans – Samsung Reveals the Most Iconic Fashion Items Over the Decades and How We Should Be Caring for Them

Nearly half (48 per cent) see these items as essentials because they ‘go with everything’, while 64 per cent said they are just so comfortable. And 49 per cent enjoy wearing them because they are a good fit. It also emerged that just 11 per cent of those polled would describe their fashion sense as ‘on trend’, with as many as six in 10 describing their style as ‘comfortable’. More than a third would simply say their look is more ‘basic’, while 13 per cent think they have a ‘vintage’ edge.

The study also found Brits are hording away these favourite clothes, with the oldest items in wardrobes dating back as many as 12 years, with 22 per cent owning something older than 20 years. As a result, people do what they can to try and care for these older or more delicate items. Nearly three in 10 will wear these items less often if it means preserving them for as long as possible, while a fifth wash them less often. A quarter will also ensure they are washing them on a gentler wash setting.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, found three in 10 find it hard to clean clothes and keep them from losing their shape or getting damaged. As a result, 24 per cent wished their clothes would last longer, and 40 per cent are willing to spend more money on clothes which have a longer shelf-life.

Dan Harvie added, “We all have that favourite item we wished would last us a lifetime, but it’s not that easy. Regular washing is great for when life has got a little hectic for your basic items of clothing, but for those quality garments, over-washing can cause damage to the fabric. The Samsung AirDresser is an innovative solution which keeps clothes refreshed and removes lingering odours and hidden germs. It offers 99.9%* sanitisation with the sanitise cycle and gently cares for clothing, prolonging the period between washes.  This means less stress is put on fabrics which helps pieces maintain their premium feel for longer.”

Top 30 most iconic style pieces of all time:

  1. Mini skirts
  2. Little black dress
  3. Hot pants
  4. Denim jackets
  5. Platform shoes
  6. Flared trousers
  7. Leather biker jacket
  8. Shoulder pads
  9. Knee high boots
  10. Skinny jeans
  11. Shell suits
  12. Boob tubes
  13. Dungarees
  14. Tie Dye t-shirts
  15. Denim mini skirts
  16. Flapper dress
  17. Cowboy boots
  18. Maxi dresses
  19. Crop tops
  20. Tracksuits
  21. Bootcut jeans
  22. High waisted jeans
  23. Ponchos
  24. Knee high socks
  25. Halter neck tops
  26. Combat trousers
  27. Midi skirts
  28. Band t-shirts
  29. Tracksuit bottoms
  30. Frayed jeans

*Eliminates 99.9% of 4 viruses (Adenovirus, Influenza and Herpesvirus) using the sanitize course, testing done on wool and cotton, results may vary from the testing done in lab , School of Pharmacology of Korea University’ 2) Eliminates 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 and Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 bacteria, testing done by Intertek on 100% cotton. Awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval for reduction in exposure to Live House Dust Mites, Fungi/Mould and Bacteria Allergen

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